Contacting Us at Patton's European Mounts
Shipping Instructions

1.) Make sure game head is frozen SOLID! This is a very important step in the process.

2.) Place your game head in a heavy duty plastic garbage bag and seal up. Place in 2nd and 3rd bag and seal up tightly so
that there will be no leakage should head thaw out in route. Place head in a large cardboard box or a Rubbermaid Plastic
container (can be purchased at Walmart), then seal box or container with clear shipping tape. Label box or container with
correct address.

3.) Ship game head to Patton's European Mounts at address listed above by UPS Ground, Federal Express or US Postal
Service. I personally prefer to use the US Postal Service as they usually have the best shipping rates.

4.) We will complete your mount and ship back to you (Insured) in your original box or plastic container, C.O.D or prepaid
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Patton's European Mounts

We are located in Central Alabama in the very "Heart of Dixie" !

Patton's European Mounts
14894 Upper Columbus Road
Echola, Alabama 35457

You may contact us by phone at:
(205) 333-9408 - Shop
(205) 344-1919 - Cell Phone

If there is no answer please call back or leave voice mail.


You may contact us by e-mail at:
Contact Information
We gladly welcome any of your questions and / or comments
at all times! We are here to help you with your mount choices!
While you are trying to find out how to reach us listen to Alabama's
"Dixieland Delight" by clicking on the media player to the right!
Special Notice - In 2016, the state of Alabama passed a regulation (Alabama Hunting Regulation 220-2-.25) banning the importation of Cervid (deer & elk)
carcasses and/or any of their body parts (other than de-boned meat or antlers attached to properly cleaned skull plates) that was killed in any state or
province where Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been found. Currently, there are 24 states in the USA and 2 provinces in Canada where CWD has been
identified in deer and/or elk. If you have a game head that was taken from an animal that was killed in one of those states or provinces, Patton's European
CANNOT accept it from you for a European Mount. We regret not being able to serve customers from those states & provinces but we have an
obligation to obey the laws/regulations of our state and we also have a responsibility to do all that we can to help protect the wildlife within our state. We
appreciate your understanding of our policy regarding game heads from CWD identified areas.