" I've used several of the better known Taxidermists in the West Alabama
area in the past for my European mounts. Patton's is by far the best I've
ever used. With his attention to detail, quick service, and his prices, he's
tough to beat. I'll only trust my trophies to "Patton's European Mounts" from
now on."

Sonny "Shaw" Hawthorne

"The perfect alternative to a costly shoulder mount. I really loved the old
barnwood style panel mount. I was extremely pleased with my finished
product. With their great quality and great prices...Patton's European
Mounts can definitely expect my business in the future."

George C. Tull

Hey Billy, Love your website! Thanks again for the great job you did on my
buck. I've had more compliments on your European skull mount than
anything I've had done, past or present. Very unique and impressive! Keep
up the good work.

Steve "Stripe" Kinard

Billy, I received the deer head that you did for me yesterday and I could not
be any happier with the result! You did an AWESOME job! I was very pleased
with all the assistance you provided and the timely manner in which the
head was done in! I will certainly tell all of my buddies about what great
work you do and will hopefully have more trophies to send your way.
Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job!

Jeremy Eden
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

"I was looking for someone to create a European style mount for a buck I
killed during the muzzle loader season and could not find anyone in my local
area that performed that type of work. I found Billy Patton's web site and
liked the look of his work. I was a little apprehensive about shipping the
frozen venison to a man I had never met but Mr. Patton made the shipping
and return easy and created a true work of art in amazing turn-around time.
This was my first European style deer mount and  I am truly thrilled with the
product and the service. I hope to have the opportunity to send Mr. Patton
another worthy rack next season!"

J. Brad Wallace
Ponchatoula, Louisiana

Billy, I really appreciate the excellent job you did on my mount.  It is the best
buck I have taken to date and I was a little nervous sending it to an out of
state service.  The price was right and after a couple of email's between us
I decided to take a chance.  Well I am so glad I did.  Your work is
outstanding, fast and very professional.  I will send all my future mounts to
you and will recommend you to all my hunting partners.
Thanks again and look forward to doing business with you next year.

Alan Casey,
Giddings, Texas

Whitetail deer European mount
on a Patton's European Mounts  
Custom Made Barnwood panel.
Big or small, we will do them all!
This is a very small 6 point that
we did for a customer's son. It
was his first deer!
We like to hunt too! Below you will find some of our family hunting PICS.
My Blackbuck antelope taken by bow at the "Bar E Ranch" in Hondo,
Texas. Mathews MQ1 bow with a "Shaw Built" custom string and
This Blackbuck antelope was the largest in a group of 20-25 antelope. He
now resides on our living room wall in a full shoulder mount thanks to
Poole's Taxidermy.
My oldest daughter, Kaila, with her first Whitetail buck. A nice 6 point
taken right off of our own farm. Of course Dad did her European
Here Kaila is pictured with a fat, healthy doe that she took with Dad's
Weatherby Vanguard 270 Win. Rifle. She made a long 170 yard shot! Who
says girls can't hunt?
My youngest daughter, Lauryn, with another fat and
sassy doe that she harvested from our hunting club in
Fayette, Alabama.
Throughout the years, between our two girls, who
both love to hunt, we haven't had to worry about
having meat in the freezer!
This is an adult male Bobcat that I took on our farm while on a deer
hunt. He was eating in one of our green-fields. He weighed in at 36 lbs.
He was about as big as they get around here.
Here's a good, wide racked, 8 point buck that I took at our hunting
club in Fayette, Alabama. This buck was taken when the swamp was
flooded but that didn't seem to slow them down any.
Need a custom built bow string and
cable? Contact my good friend, Shaw,
at ShawBuilt Custom Bowstrings.
ShawBuilt Bowstrings
To visit one of the best deer hunting
sites on the net stop in and meet the
fine and friendly folks at
Copyright - 2006,  B.R.P d/b/a Patton's European Mounts

Patton's European Mounts is a family owned, part-time business, located in the West Central area of the great state of
Alabama. We "
Specialize" in Top Quality European mounts and Antler mounts. In 2015 we celebrated 17 years of
business doing Euro and Antler mounts for our many great customers!

European Skull Mounts have always been a fascinating and interesting way of displaying a trophy animal to me.
Several years ago after much research, many trials and errors and a lot of effort, I was successful in completing my
first European Skull Mount. After much critiquing and guidance from a Taxidermist friend I began to perfect my
methods and improve the quality of my mounts. In the beginning, I only did Euro's for myself, friends and family
members. But as more and more people were able to see my mounts and the quality of my work, the demand began to
grow from people wanting me to do their Euro mounts for them! It wasn't long until Patton's European Mounts was born
in the garage of my home. It also wasn't long until my lovely wife wanted this young, striving and somewhat smelly
business moved somewhere else! :)  After acquiring a portable building, freezers, and hundreds of dollars of other
equipment we moved to the far side of our backyard. We have come a long way from that first Euro Mount that was
done on the carport. With professional training and instruction from several Taxidermist friends our mounts are now
considered among the highest quality Euro Mounts that can be had. We are currently beginning our 18th year of
business and we owe a great big thanks to all of our loyal customers who have allowed us to become what we are
today... One of the best Euro Skull businesses around! God has blessed our business and we give Him the Glory!

It is our goal to continue to grow our business by maintaining superior craftsmanship in our work and by maintaining a
high level of customer satisfaction among our clients. We want to always be the craftsman that you think of and go to
first in the Euro Skull Mount business. We are well on our way in meeting that accomplishment!
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